Mother's Day Gift

Mother's Day Gift
Riva Brown Warecolor

(Printa available!)

Mother's Day Gift, previously titled Plain and Fancy, has been awarded Honorable Mention in the PWCS online competition.


From The Hankie Series

Remember these Hankies? Weren't they the perfect Mother's Day gifts? Mom had a drawer full of them. Their simple elegance allowed her to always have small beautiful things at all times.


Mothers' Day would come around and we'd count out our pennies. What could we possibly get our all-important Mom with $2.27? Really, even by going around the neighborhood and collecting empty soda bottles to return for the 2¢ deposit, it only came to $3.54. And, so, we would go down to the Five and Dime with our pockets filled with change to pour over the possibilities. Surely Mom will like this Hankie. It's so pretty. Sure enough, the next day Mom had set the Hankie up in a little still life complete with the pretty shells we found for her at the beach last summer. Who knew she kept them?

The Technical Challenge

The most difficult passage was the soft, soft shading on the left most shell. This tells you about how very thin the shell is. And the cast light from the vase just rouges it.

To create the White of the fabric, I negatively painted the background. It's tempting to paint this darkly to create more contrast but that would have destroyed all delicacy. I love the way the White of the fabric stands out against the pale Grey of the wall. It's such a crisp yet subtle juxtaposition. The Blue glass anchors the center of the composition, but really, it's just a bit player.