Tea and Tatting

Tea and Tatting
Riva Brown Warecolor


From The Hankie Series

Remember these Hankies? Weren't they the perfect Mother's Day gifts? Mom had a drawer full of them. Their simple elegance allowed her to always have small beautiful things at all times.

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Tatting! Who does this anymore? In case you don't know, Tatting is hand-made Lace. Light a stick of incense and steep a pot of tea. It's time to take a few minutes for rest and Aromatherapy.

The Technical Challenge

I love to paint fabrics, and I wanted the challenge of this artform. Executing this with a paintbrush was beyond me. Luckily I'm a Calligrapher, so I used a Speedball B-6 nib. The B line has a ball- end which creates an equal-width line regardless of which way you move the pen. The 6 is the tiniest of the series. Perfect for the challenge here, Instead of painting the Tatting, I "wrote" it. I think it may be a long time before I paint Tatting again.