Woody and Mr. Fox

Woody and Mr. Fox
Riva Brown Warecolor


From The Hankie Series

Remember these Hankies? Weren't they the perfect Mother's Day gifts? Mom had a drawer full of them. Their simple elegance allowed her to always have small beautiful things at all times.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Maybe every Artist has a "Woody" or did at one time. I've had mine since I was a little girl. The wood is rich with the oils from my hands positioning it over and over again. But even treasured toys can make new friends. I love Mr. Fox's seams. It makes him so dimensional. The soft fleecy fabric on the bottom layer helps Mr. Fox sit comfortably and the lacy Hanky holds Woody so elegantly.

The Technical Challenge

How to balance that much Red/Orange/Brown against the 3 Whites of the background.