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Night Stalker

Anna Bellenger

Anna Bellenger can't remember when she hasn't painted.

Until a few years ago, I considered myself a printmaker slash mixed media artist. Then a friend showed me Turner's way of using rabbit skin glue on paper for watercolor. I added a few ideas and made it my own. It is not the lovely loose flowing watercolor, but very tight detailed work that I get lost in for days. One of the first paintings that I did this way was shown at The Chester County Art Association 12 years ago and won their "Excellence" award (1st place).

I had a wonderful teacher in Cy Twombly. He gave me the tools and "let me go".

Recent awards:

An "Honorable Mention" in the 2012 Pennsylvania Watercolor Society's International show;
A "3rd Place" in the 2013 Delaware Watercolor Society's show;
In 2011 and 2013, she was accepted in the American Watercolor Society's International show.

Also, in Mixed media:

"First Prize" in the 2011 Philadelphia Watercolor Society's member's show;
"The Founder's" award in the 2013 Philadelphia Watercolor Society's International show;
"First Place" in the 2014 National Pen Women's Biennial show.