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Carrie Quade

Carrie Quade was raised and educated in Delaware, graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in Art Education. Her life-long interest in animals led her through a variety of jobs in all phases of the horse business, working at zoos with exotic animals, and assisting local veterinarians. After the birth of her three children she chose to spend more time on her artistic pursuits and began working in clay. She combined her love of animals and her talents for producing three dimensional work, in the form of pottery and sculpture. Her early ceramic work centered on equestrian themes and slowly began to take on more abstract forms as the work matured. Her projects are most remarkable for their ability to produce three dimensional likeness with accurate surface texture, conformation and overall construction. These efforts range from 26 foot ceramic trees and artificial environments for the National Geographic Society and The National Christmas Center to the very subtle features of plants, animals, and human portraits. Currently in her bronze sculpture she works at understanding the essence of the object, animal or person . . . what is it about the subject that is necessary to translate or relate to the viewer. Her goal in recent portraits has been to try to capture the soul of that person. She enjoys discovering new materials and techniques and continues to accept unusual commissions in all mediums.

My bronzes are created with the "Lost Wax" process. This is a complex, labor intensive journey which takes several months to complete after the original sculpture has been created in clay.

Before casting begins, the artist decides on an edition size, and each sculpture produced will receive an edition number until the edition is sold out. Also, on the sculpture, one can find the foundry stamp and copyright symbol. Most of my sculptures are small editions of 20 and 25.